A downloadable game for Windows and Android

Stophat is a charming arcade game about a rich man, his disobedient top hat and a falling golden lift.

Originally made in under 48 hours for the 14th gm(48) competition, Stophat is an imaginative take on the theme "top-down". There's some groovy bossa nova beats and Atari-style sound effects, dramatic lift-plummeting action, and a play time of a whole 10 minutes.

"Why is he in a solid gold lift? Gold is heavy as hell, of course the lift is broken!" - Sir Julian Adams

Install instructions


Just click the download button and then double click the exe file.


Transfer the apk to your android if you downloaded it from pc.
When you have the apk in your android, allow installation of applications from unknown sources and then install the game.


Stophat (Windows) 3 MB
Stophat (Android) 11 MB

Also available on


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Saw this on Steam, and will check it out on Android as well. You really did take an imaginative take on the whole "top down" theme :D!

I would also like to see the game submitted into the Game Development World Championship contest!

There was a free windows download here aswell, but it didn't seem fair for steam users so I just left it free for android, I'll definitely check out the GDWC